Reconnect the World

Reconnect the world

An overview of how Hospitality Opens up across the world

In UK, gradual easing of lockdown measures is taking place over next few weeks. No overseas travels are allowed until further notice remain in place. Tour Operators and Travel Agents are waiting for update on timing and restrictions to travel. Latest announcement that UK will impose 14-day quarantine on all arrivals from 8th June has further damaged hopes of recovery of this summer. Focus is for limited return of individual traffic in Q4 and major focus on 2021.

Spain’s nationwide state of alarm will remain in effect until June 7. The Spanish government is gradually relaxing some confinement measures in phases over the next several weeks. Confinement measures will vary from region to region within Spain. An order from the Ministry of Health requires that face masks be used by everyone in enclosed spaces and public areas where it is impossible to maintain social distance. Spain’s air, land and sea borders remain closed for entry, with limited exceptions, until 1st July.

In Germany, passengers are obliged to provide identity, travel route and contact details to be to the Authorities.

In Switzerland, a third phase will start on 8th June by re-opening upper secondary and vocational schools, universities and other higher education institutions. Further decisions on this phase, including the possible lifting of bans on other entertainment and leisure facilities, will be taken at the end of May. The Swiss Confederation still recommends avoiding unnecessary journeys. Young tourists are ready to travel mainly to Greece and Baleares during the summer and they will choose small hotels. Most families and adults will travel by car to neighboring countries such as the south of France rather than taking the risk of travelling by plane.

Greece has “revved up the engines” of its tourism industry, announcing that tourists will be able to return to its beaches starting from 15th June thanks to the opening of Athens airport to international routes and 1st July the other ones.

The ban on flights to and from Malta has been extended once again and will remain in place until at least 15th June.

All persons entering Serbia will be handed health warnings stating that they are entering the territory where the virus is still circulating, as well as instructions how to prevent the infection (Covid test is no longer mandatory).

Entry criteria have been set by Montenegrin health authorities: the country borders will be opened on 1st June for citizens of countries which have at most 25 COVID-19 patients per 100,000 inhabitants, that is with a similar epidemiological status.

14 day-quarantine for most African countries. A reduced quarantine (7 days) for those entering Tunisia if holding a Coronavirus negative certificate. Effective 1st June, lockdown lowered to level 3 and curfew fully lifted in South Africa. Domestic travelling allowed for business purposes only.

The Japanese government lifted the state of emergency in the five remaining prefectures of Hokkaidō, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba. There is no immediate return to everyday life, as restrictions will be eased in stages.

In Middle East, the travel industry hopes that international borders will be reopened in mid-June. Israel reopened restaurants, bars, swimming pools and tourist attractions. Theaters and cultural venues will be reopened on 14th June.

From 3rd June, travels to Italy from abroad will be permitted. Movements may only be restricted by measures taken in relation to specific States and territories, in accordance with the principles of adequacy and proportionality to the epidemiological risk and in compliance with the constraints arising from EU law and international obligations.

In US, flights operations in June are not decided yet. Travel Agencies believe some traffic might restart in late June, but the real bounce back will be effective only after September. Late summer, fall and winter is the most common answer from Tour Operators and Travel Agencies for the recovery of tourism. September programs have not been cancelled yet although passengers can move dates into 2021.

Canadians are waiting for the reopening, the measures to be taken and the plans to control the pandemic. These elements are constantly monitored by the Travel Agents to keep travelers informed.

In Argentina, as the virus peak is estimated in the winter season, the lockdown has been extended up to 7th June, but it might be furthermore extended up if the health conditions will worsen. Latest resolution of local Civil Aviation is officially suspending all “regular” flight until 1st September.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 cases have been persistently increasing in Brazil, especially in the large cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Provincial governments are anticipating holidays in order to increase population’s adherence to the quarantine, in place until the end of May. Brazilian Ministry of Health has extended the entry restrictions for foreigners up to 22nd June.

In Mexico, June marks the beginning of phase three, in which the government will assess each state’s readiness to reopen through a color-coded mapping system which will determine which restrictions are lifted and when. The color-coded map will show how the pandemic is progressing in different regions of the country.

Source:Alitalia Conenct